Trouble Sleeping?

All of our rooms are designed with great care and consideration to our clientele's comfort and rest.

About Us

Sleep Centers of Texas is a professional clinic dedicated to helping patients by performing complete sleep studies and scoring using the latest computer diagnostic technology from Respironics Incorporated, the nations leading provider of respiratory equipment.

Our studies are focused on the diagnosis of sleep apnea, insomnia, limb movement disorders, snoring, and other disorders that in some instances may affect the patients quality of life and left untreated, may result in much more serious medical conditions.

Please take a few minutes to tour our web site where you will find informative facts about sleep and explanations of a number of disorders that may be helpful in understanding conditions you or your loved ones are experiencing.

Our newest facility was designed and built to house the latest in computer controlled sleep diagnostic equipment while not sacrificing the comfort and beauty a patient would expect to find in Texas' finest hotels.



Shortness of breath:  Testing to determine cause and treatment options.

Asthma:  Diagnosis and management.

COPD:  Also called Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis

Diagnosis of Lung Masses:  Dr. Shotwell is trained in "State of the Art" bronchoscopy techniques.

Sarcoidosis:  Diagnosis and chronic management.

Allergy issues:  For straight-forward problems we offer both allergy testing and immunotherapy.

Sleep Apnea:  We order sleep studies, both in the lab and at home, and then manage treatment with either CPAP, BiLevel PAP or other options.

Chronic Respiratory Failure:  Whether from neurologic diseases or chronic lung conditions.

Weight Management:  We are Health Coaches with the Take Shape for Life Program.  We use non-surgical techniques to help patients lose weight and work toward optimal health.  Both Dorrine and Dr. Shotwell have used the same techniques to lose weight themselves.


Doctor Shotwell is a true rarity among doctors -- A doctor who cares about and spends time with her patients, and is always available to them.
Greg G. (Yelp Review)

A woman of substance who takes incredible care of her patients. She has an outstanding bedside manner as is a great advocate for her patient's health. I love this woman and her incredible manner and care. I will brag about her to everyone I know.
Anonymous (Vitals Review)

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